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Now available to take on new projects / outsourced agency work from 11th January 2016.

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About Emma Goodwin

Emma is a highly motivated and skilled programmer with commercial experience in modern web technologies, server administration and continuous integration. Whilst working for many direct clients and agencies, she has been fortunate enough to contribute work to a number of national and international organisations including:

  • Jacada Travel
  • NHS
  • Hoare Lea
  • Bathstore
  • National Landlords Association
  • FPS Distribution
  • Bristol City Council
  • Motor Parts Direct
  • DHS Spares
  • Primaflow
  • PTS - Plumbing Trade Supplies
  • RGB Building Supplies
  • Essex Council
  • Showsec
  • Macmanus Asset Finance

Technical Experience

The tasks completed for her most recent project (as the lead developer for a Drupal 7 site) perfectly sums up her experience and knowledge in Drupal 7 Backend Development, Frontend Development and Server Side Work including System Administration, Continuous Integration and Shell Scripting.

Emma is proficient with version control systems such as Git and SVN, and also has experience in some Other Technologies including Wordpress Plugin Development.

Drupal 7 Backend Development

  • Install Profile development
  • Exports for existing database
  • Imports using XMLMigration PHP class (from Migrate module)
  • Configuration of numerous modules including Panels, Display Suite, Views, Token, Entity Translation, Locale, Entity API and various field modules including Field Collection
  • Extensive use of Features module (and update hooks) to store and manage configurations
  • Integration with Rackspace CDN
  • Integration with Google Sign In
  • Custom module development to deliver the following bespoke functionality:
    • design and development of API for Drupal database
    • integration with several APIs including Insightly CRM and Trello
    • translation control panel to manage CSV exports and imports for all translatable fields
    • various enhancements to Webforms including user tracking and optimisation to guarantee form submissions attempted over a weak mobile signal
    • custom Social Media and Video integration with tracking
    • integration with IPLoc database for localised content
    • ajax powered Field Collection (FC) builder. This utilised many Drupal functions and APIs including extensive use of the Form API. This provided users with an intuitive and fast loading method to manage large sets of data, and enabled them to:
      • import single FC / group of FCs from another node
      • import FCs from a CSV file
      • create FCs via API
      • drag and drop FC arrangement with indentation (to define parent and child relationships)
      • create image derivatives for images used in FCs

Throughout all Drupal custom module development, the following tools are used to ensure the solutions developed match the acceptance critera, are efficient and adhere to the Drupal coding standards:

  • Codeception (BDD-style PHP testing)
  • Drush
  • Xhprof
  • XDebug
  • Apache Benchmark
  • Coder module

Although specialising in Backend Drupal Development, Emma also has extensive experience in HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Vanilla JavaScript and good working knowledge of Sass, Less and Grunt.

System Administration, Continuous Integration and Shell Scripting

  • Portable development environments built with Vagrant and Chef
  • All servers (integration, staging and production) provisioned with Knife-Solo and Chef
  • Jenkins Continuous Integration Server setup to work with Git and the following Codeception tests:
    • functional: ensure feature works as expected against edge cases
    • acceptance: ensure feature meets client's acceptance critera
    • api: test all REST server endpoints
  • Managed all deploys with Capistrano scripts
  • Developed numerous bash scripts to automate various tasks; everything from backups to creating htaccess rewrite rules from a CSV file (redirects for existing site)
  • SSL installation and configuration for Drupal site
  • Setup Rackspace CDNs (Push then Pull when this service was released)
  • Various server jobs, everything from resolving LAMP related errors and general Server Hardening; to the configuration and tuning of the following:
    • Apache
    • MySQL
    • APC
    • Postfix
    • Monit
    • FileConveyor

Other Technologies

Whilst working on various other sites and mobile applications, Emma has also developed solutions using the following frameworks and technologies:

  • Wordpress
  • Drupal 5 and 6
  • Expression Engine
  • XSLT
  • SOAP
  • Apache Cordova (formerly PhoneGap)
  • TestFlight


Emma has been working as an independent contractor on development of our website for more than three years.

Working with Emma has been a blessing. She's been one of the most helpful, hard-working, reliable and dedicated people I've had the pleasure of working with. Although she is an outside contractor, working remotely, we've always felt that she's part of the team. That's down to the fact that she's an excellent communicator, always available to talk and discuss issues. She is also great at making all planning and progress is carefully documented, to avoid confusion and to allow a clear understanding of the work that's she's doing and is planning to do.

I've always found Emma to be flexible and understanding. She's often put in extra work to get us through some tight deadlines and I'm truly sorry that we're not able to work with her any more. The only reason we're moving on is to get a total rebuild from a new developer using a different CMS platform, rather than maintaining and developing our existing site which Emma did an exemplary job helping us with.

Alex Malcolm, Managing Director and Founder of Jacada Travel

Emma is a talented and hard-working developer. With a can-do attitude, and dedication and determination to achieving the best outcome to the project I worked with her on, her ability to identify and suggest solutions to technical challenges made Emma a joy to work with.

Jon Brace, Technical Director at cxpartners

We hired Emma to work on some backend projects for the web site. We required detailed work to be conducted on the system administration side in terms of writing bash scripts to automate backups as well as tuning our servers. Emma also helped us completely rewrite our htaccess rules when we changed our site architecture.

Emma has also worked on both our Wordpress and Xenforo applications. Writing a comprehensive bulk updating tool in PHP for tens of thousands of articles which allows us to rapidly change content when required. Emma also worked on some advanced PHP and add-on development for the Xenforo Forum Platform.

As well as working on our principle sites, Emma has also helped us with the development of outside projects for our marketing clients across both Drupal and Wordpress platforms.

Emma is a practical, diligent and punctual freelancer who works on initiative and can complete projects on time and with minimum input from us.

Mike Thrussell Jnr, Managing Director of Wise Fish Media


Jon Brace – who introduced me to Continuous Integration many moons ago for which I will always be grateful.

Stuart Charlton - for being a top man during a difficult time and for introducing me to Falafels!

Andy Mantel – for quite simply being a pleasure to work with.

Sarah Wilson – for giving me the energy to work without sugar!

Costa Coffee – for all my caffeine needs.